About Us


Cornell Hyperloop seeks to spearhead the revolution in transportation technology.

Space X Challenge

In order to accomplish our goal, Cornell Hyperloop will participate in the Space X Hyperloop Challenge III.

The Goal

The interest in developing hyperloop technology skyrocketted quickly. And with so many interested parties wanting to stake their claim on the forefront of this development, Cornell Hyperloop realized it had to move quickly and decisively. Started in the fall of 2016, Cornell Hyperloop was the result of the dismanteling of the Openloop alliance. From there, Cornell Hyperloop was off to a rocky start, dealing with administrative setbacks and all the other overhead of a brand new team. Proceeding quickly into the final round, the team unfortunately did not qualify for Competition Weekend II. Back and ready to take the competition by storm, Cornell Hyperloop is ready to showcase their new design, which not only learns from past mistakes, but will introduce the hyperloop community to new concepts and new designs that could alter the path the technology will take in the future.

The Competition

Every few centuries, something comes along that revolutionizes the world -- something that, once integrated with society, leaves us wondering how we had lived without it. The examples are plenty: fire, the wheel, the ship, the train, the car, the plane. Now we find ourselves on the brink of another such innovation: the Hyperloop. The idea is simple, the design complex. With the goal of dramatically shortening transit times over long distances, Space X has proposed a challenge to all who are able: to design and build a pod to test on their track in Hawthorne, California during Summer 2017. As Cornell Hyperloop, we will answer this call with exacting precision and persistent determination.