2019 Hyperloop Pod Design

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This year's propulsion system is powered by an EMRAX 268 electric motor, connected to a central drive wheel. Power is supplied to the motor by high voltage battery packs designed in-house, and a spring-loaded clamping system ensures strong traction between the drive wheel and the SpaceX track.

TOP SPEED | 160 mph

In order to bring the pod to a complete stop with minimal friction, we use an eddy-current braking system. Each array is made from high strength Neodymium N52 magnets, that create a braking force when interacting with the central I-beam on the SpaceX track.


The outer shell gives the pod a strong, aerodynamic casing. It is made of a carbon fiber and kevlar weave, providing superior strength, impact resistance, and electrical insulation.


Our Hyperloop Pod is equipped with a sturdy aluminum chassis frame to provide structural stability, as well as support for critical pod components. Lateral rail followers passively maintain the pod's direction, and vertical clamp wheels keep strong traction on the central I-beam.

MASS | 21.45 kg