The road to success is an arduous one, and one that is seldom taken alone. In addition to the hard work of all the members of the Cornell Hyperloop team, the many accomplishments of this organization would not have been possible without the great support of our sponsors. There is always, however, more room for improvement, and Cornell Hyperloop is readily looking for more partners on their journey towards the development of a future hyperloop system. Sponsorships come in many forms, from industrial advice, to monetary donations, to product usage. Any help is welcome and will help see one of the most advanced hyperloop designs into fruition.



(< $1,000)






VISIONARY • Monthly calls with the team to discuss the pod's progress
• Additional benefits can be discussed
• All Disruptor donor benefits apply
• 14" x 14" square logo on Hyperloop Pod
DISRUPTOR • Special mentions during competition
• Materials from competition weekend
• All Innovator donor benefits apply
• 10" x 10" square logo on Hyperloop Pod
INNOVATOR • A monthly newsletter with updates of our progress
• Will receive Cornell Hyperloop merchandise
• Pioneer donor benefits apply
• 8" x 8" square logo on Hyperloop Pod
PIONEER • Featured on the Cornell Hyperloop website
• Placement of logo on pod and Cornell Hyperloop gear
• 6" x 6" square logo on Hyperloop Pod



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